PH & Beyond: Burot Beach, Calatagan, Batangas  Monday, June 3, 2013

After a month of intensively planning of making one from my birthday bucketlist accomplished, I was finally able to put those plans into play last weekend. Because Batangas is the most accessible place to escape the busy and hassle life of the metro we decided to celebrate the post birthday in Burot Beach, a secret beach in Calatagan. The place was discovered through extensive research in the internet, exactly the perfect place for our summer camp.

Some of the girls after the long bumpy and dusty ride as the private road going to the beach is still rough and unpaved.

The trip wasn’t 100% successful. Left some of our food, left my ipod at home full of road trip tracks and the place was crowded when we arrived. We stayed in a corner while waiting for the others to leave. It wasn’t a good spot to nest our things and set up our camp and took us an hour before we finally had a nice and decent place. Thank God, brought a lot of blankets so we had our lunch on the ground somewhere in an uncomfy area. 

After few minutes of scouting for the perfect place where we can stay overnight we were lucky, though, to have found our own quiet spot.

Done setting up our camp, the perfect place where we can stay.

 Light summer breeze and a spectacular view of the ocean and the sky.

Because it was my birthday and the boyfriend’s best friend’s birthday, I’ve got too much creative energy while preparing the trip. We brought balloons, sky lanterns, water guns and tents.

Basking the sun while playing water guns because there’s nothing makes turning a year older better than going back to your childhood days.

Because I turned 24 but still believes in the books, we also brought sky lanterns as substitute to helium balloons for prosperity and to hold good luck. It was thought that the longer the sky lantern floated in the air, the better luck they would have, and that the lanterns floating in the air would bring luck and ease troubles, pleasing deities and keeping bad spirits away.

The beach lacks electricity and no cottages but allows bonfire along the shore.

There was endless beer, awesome jamming, and over-flowing food for everyone. We had barbeque, some left-over from our lunch and grilled hotdogs with mallows at night.

Had breakfast on the ground in a picnic blanket.

The following day, although the sun was scorching hot, the girls enthusiastically splashed into the water, played and swam to their hearts delight.

My amazing and equally lovely ladies as they all soak under the sun.

It was a blast ending the scorching hot summer with my siblings and friends I love the most and I am comfortable with.

So there last weekend, I was able to cross one off my birthday bucketlist: Go on a camping and bonfire along the shore.

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