MNL 143: Manila Ocean Park  Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Because it would be a MNL 143 feature, the boyfriend and I pre-celebrated the coming 6th year anniversary in Manila Ocean Park . I don’t have a thing for mammals under the sea except for mermaids and colorful fishes but because I observed that the boyfriend likes watching documentaries about marine life, the plan was pushed through.

Through an online shopping deal, we were able to purchase 12 exciting attractions in a very cheap price.

We started the tour with a non-marine life attraction, the Birds of Prey Kingdom. The exhibit features one of the most stunning birds in the Philippines, the falcons.

The oceanarium is one of the attractions we enjoyed the most. It was rainforest who greeted us when entered the premises.

I was amused that the park preferred to use the Filipino terms to describe the different sections of the oceanarium.

There were numerous aquarium displays on the first second part of the oceanaruim. The sea horse was so lovely, all my life I thought that they were human size. Like the ones in the movies. HAHA.

We were fascinated while entering the viewing tunnel. It was a breath taking marine life experience. We marveled at sharks, stingrays, marine turtles and other wonders of the sea swimming around freely in the vast oceanarium.

Soon, after we’re done absorbing the aquatic life inside the tunnel tank without getting ourselves wet we headed to the Sea Lion Show for our scheduled time slot.

It was a very entertaining show and Mel’s favorite attraction. Everyone was cheering while they perform their tricks and interact with the trainers and with the audience. They were really adorable and intelligent. The show wasn’t just for entertainment, they also against destruction of marine life habitats. We were so amazed how lovable and charming they were. Don’t worry because they were housed in a simulated secured marine habitat similar to their homes so they are safe with the Ocean Park’s hand.
We also watched the All Star Bird Show. It wasn’t as entertaining as the Sea Lions’ but my favorite skit was when the two scarlet macaws played basketball and the losing bird challenged the winning bird for another game. Whoever can get first the 3 rings around the pole wins. The race started and the defending bird picked up the first ring and places it around the pole and proceeded to get the other ring. In the meantime, the challenger bird picks up all 3 rings at once and puts them on the pole. HAHA. Okay, that was corny. But birds are charming and smart too afterall.

Already passed noon when we had our lunch. We dined at our favorite Gerry’s Grill and ordered my desired dish sizzling gambas while Mel went for his favorite pork spare ribs. We also added chopsuey and I ordered mango shake. We both enjoyed our late lunch and stay for a while inside to rest from roaming around and at the same time to kill time.

After few minutes of staying inside the resto, we went to our next attraction, the Trails to Antarctica.

We didn’t try the penguin feeding and the Slide O’Fun but really enjoyed the Snow Village despite of we were freezing inside. I have allergies to cold so I am not supposed to enter that said place but still managed to push through. I really enjoyed the place. It was quick but was so happy like a little child who first experienced snow. I haven’t seen snow so it was sentimental to me. The theme of the Snow Village was Xmas that made me extra happy.

I went out the place swollen because of my allergy called cold urticaria. My body is sensitive when expose to cold temperature. It causes me redness, itching and swelling so I have to warm myself for a while before going to the next attraction. I felt great going out into the heat of the Philippines. We stayed in an area where no air-conditioned for a while for me to feel better.

The next attraction we visited was the Jellies. They were so lovely and graciously swimming and dancing in the cold water. They have so many reasons to be titled as sea fairies. I love how they set up the gallery. It was so majestic. One of the must see! They were gracefully dancing in the tune of classical music. I never thought they were such a divine creature.

The Penguin Talk Show was the last show we went to. It was one of the most boring parts. I thought they will feature real penguin in a talk show instead it was a 2D animation of penguin in a big screen talking in Tagalog. It was quite funny and informative though. You’ll surely learn a lot about penguins.

We had a worthy great day at the Manila Ocean Park. The highlight had to be the walk through the tunnels in the oceanarium. The park is amazingly for everyone. It isn’t just a theme park but an educational place where can learn about the ocean. It will let everyone appreciate the beauty of our nature.

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