12 Random Weird Facts About Me and Mel  Friday, October 11, 2013

An anon asked one weird fact about Mel and me through ask.fm yesterday. And because I don’t have anything to blog today and I have a lot of weird facts about us in mind I decided to simply write and list down the rest.

1.)  I’m a girl named after a boy’s name while my boyfriend was named after a girl’s name.

2.) We haven’t been to any movie house. Mel is a certified movie buff and I aspire to be a filmmaker but we are few of the couples who haven’t seen a movie together in a theater.

3.) We’re like barkada when we’re with our friends. This isn’t a rule in the first place. It just happened. No holding hands and no exchange of sweet messages. But when we’re just the two of us sweetness comes naturally.

4.) He courted me in just a month but we’ve made it this far (6 years!). This is weird to me because my first boyfriend courted me for a year but we’ve been only together for a month.

5.) His hair is longer than mine.

6.) Valentine’s Day has never been anything special to us. We both believe that we should not wait for that day to be sweet with your beloved and buy roses when it’s even sweeter when it’s unexpected.

7.) I love flowers but I haven’t received any flowers from him. He’s so practical that he won’t spend any amount of money for something that will soon die. What he usually does is surprisingly fills my fridge with food or chocolates.

8.) Our security questions are something about our exes. We both made it for fun and we both know the answers.

9.) Majority of our clothes are black and white while our shoes consist of sneakers and skate shoes. He never had a pair of formal shoes while I never hard pair of heels/wedges.

10.) We curse a lot. But we never curse one another.

11.) I claim that I know more about music than him and he claims the same.

12.) I keep an old journal about us during our first few years. I use it to try his memory and test him if he still remembers some of our firsts whenever I like to be silly.

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