5 Important Things To Consider Before Getting A Tattoo  Saturday, January 25, 2014

Getting a tattoo doesn’t only require passion and courage. There are lots of things to consider before getting inked. I’m not an experienced and definitely not someone who is covered with tattoos, but let me share with you things I have learned from my previous experiences. So here, I list down some stuffs that might be helpful to you in the future.

1. Think before you ink, yes that applies. Tattoo is a permanent thing. It’s a commitment more than marriage. It can be removed by laser but it hurts way more than getting an ink. Laser removal is expensive too! If you aren’t sure enough, tattoo can wait like true love.

2. Get to know yourself more and choose your design. For first timers, especially the girls - the traditional and conservative types, I would suggest not to ink them in an area where you can see them particularly if it’s your first tat. Bet that your first few months would be a haunting experience of your old narrow self and values taught by your parents. Your design should mean something to you. That doesn’t include the name of your boyfriend or anything about your boyfriend. Again, tattoos are forever and you can’t tell if you and your boyfriend will live forever. Always remember that getting a tattoo is an expression of who you are and who you will become.

3. Find your artist and get to know him. It’s important that he should be licensed. And of course competent! There are also health risks to consider such as contracting life-threatening HIV or Hepatitis B from unclean needles and supplies. His studio should also be clean and neat to avoid possible infection. Do background check on his credentials, check his folio and see before and after of his works. Recommendation from former clients is a plus. Most importantly, your artist should respect your philosophy, the story behind your design and the reason why you’ll get it. He doesn’t need to agree with all of your opinions, but at least he listens to you. This is a mutual experience, a collaborative art. You’ll be making a masterpiece together.

4. Be technical. Keep in mind that your skin will look a lot different at the age of 20 than it will at 60. So it requires you to consider the size and if it’s in black or gray or in colored. Note that these go hand in hand to complement on your skin tone and to where you will place your design. Some artists have their own specialties too, so that’s another one to take note of. There are some artists who are more good at black and white than colored tattoo, while others focus on portraiture or traditional art.

5. Learn from people who had the worst tattoo experience. On my part I watch this TV series called America’s Worst Tattoo. Watching this show is not to encourage you not to get one, instead this will embolden you to consider the 4 points I mentioned above. It’s always nice to hear opinions of people who have experienced the worst more than from people who have experienced the best. I tell you, I have one worst experience too.

I hope this list would be of any help to anyone of you in the future.

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