PH & Beyond: Club Punta Fuego, Nasugbu, Batangas  Friday, February 28, 2014

I don’t normally go on a luxury vacation but because my relatives from the US want to spend the rest of their stay here in a nice and cozy place nearby, we went to Batangas last Wednesday to have some family bonding before they leave for New York.

Club Punta Fuego was where we spent the whole day, swimming, chitchatting and a lot of picture taking while embracing the pre-summer heat. It’s a world-class, luxury oceanfront resort in Batangas, secluded and private paradise on earth.

My relatives never fail to share with us the luxury of travel and vacation whenever they are in the Philippines. No wonder they are blessed with almost everything on earth! In return, I took a lot of photos for them to keep.

They are vibrant and optimistic mix of people and I just love taking pictures of them. Their presence is always a positive presence. And I love how this positive force shows in my photographs.

I also met French kids while swimming alone in the pool. My cousins were busy resting under a shade so I made friends with these two. They have patiently taught me to swim and shared with me their language. Yah, I had few French lessons while learning to swim at the same time. One is twelve years old and the other one is ten. At first they were hesitant to share something about their selves but later on they began to mingle and share. They live in a hotel all their lives and studying in a European International school in Manila. They were nice, friendly and really pretty. When I asked if I could have pictures with them, they point this man from a far, watching them, a bodyguard and for private purposes they didn’t let me. It was sad that we have to leave the same day while they will stay for a week. I gave them my Instagram and they have followed me that same day. We constantly talking ever since! It was so cool meeting them, I never had conversation with French before.

It was a short vacation but I had fun like the usual every time I’m with my cousins and relatives. With the infinity pools, the heavenly view of the ocean, the sun and the breath of fresh air and with the people I have met, it was rewarding.
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