PH & Beyond: Wawa Dam, Montalban, Rizal  Saturday, February 1, 2014

My mind wasn’t in Manila in the past days so along with my supportive family members and some of our friends, we went to this place called Wawa Dam in Rodriguez, Rizal, an hour away province from the metro to throw off the boredom.

If you’ve heard somewhere in your childhood the Philippine folklore about the man who bears a supernatural strength named Bernardo Carpio, this is the place where the story took place.

This is probably the twin mountains that trapped Berardo Carpio.

Before Angat Dam was built, Montalban Dam also famous as Wawa Dam was the concrete water reservoir embankment hydroelectric dam that provides the Manila Metropolitan. It was built in 1909 and serves the metro for quite a long period of time, 133 years to be exact.

Different sizes of rocks that covers the stream.

The old and ruined watch tower on the side of the dam.

The peaceful river is just so charming.

I have an unusual obsession of keeping wonderful places like this as a secret, so I didn’t reveal any info yesterday to those who have asked me in Instagram until I finish editing the digital photos.

If you’re on the go for adventure, this place is ideal. Its abundance of nature can refresh our spirit and soul, a place wherein we can experience God’s gift of life. 

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