PH & Beyond: 14 Laperal, Baguio City  Friday, February 21, 2014

Along the Leonard Wood Road, lies a wooden white house that has survived hundreds of typhoons, earthquakes and even the World War II. This house is known as 14 Laperal. I have seen this house featured many times in TV documentaries and one time in a local movie. 

With our cute little tour guides who claimed one of them has a third eye, we toured around the house. From the ground floor where they house a Bamboo Art Exhibit to every room up on the second floor, to master bedroom and to the attic they have accompanied us trying to convince that they were seeing ghost following us.

I almost suspected that these cute little kids were ghosts trying to entrap us in one of the rooms. lol

In the master bedroom, according to our little tour guides is where paranormal can strongly feel.

The presence of art dominates more than paranormal presence. The ground floor has such beautiful and intricate displays of bamboo art made by the Ifugaos.

This house may hold dark stories in every corner, but the presence of art won’t scare yourself out, instead you would appreciate that the value of artistry and architecture stays and preserved in the City of Baguio. 

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