PH & Beyond: Baguio City  Sunday, February 23, 2014

It was already my second time in Baguio. The first was when I was 7 years old. My Tita accompanied me in one of her office field trips and visited some common tourist spots like Mines View Park, Burnham, Wright Park well technically all the parks in Baguio. I was contented back then. You know, Baguio is still Baguio. If you’re a kid and never been to any cold places, Baguio is a little slice of paradise. We stayed overnight in one of the rest houses in Teacher’s Camp which turned out to be one of the haunted places in the city.

We had enough of nature adventure in the Mountain Province and a horror thingy is exciting to end the Cordillera trip. With the availability of taxicab in the present time, it’s no longer hard to get around Baguio. On our first day, Mel and I agreed that this trip should highlight the most uncommon place to visit. We had enough of public parks and ordinary tourist destinations so instead of giving priority to them, we went to 3 different haunted places, Diplomat Hotel, Teacher’s Camp and 14 Laperal, the White House Mansion.

The city has that peaceful holiday feeling that day so in the afternoon we went walking around the city proper and public parks, dined in 2 of the most recommended food places in town, Pizza Volante and Hill Station, went to one interesting bookshop called Mt. Cloud Bookshop, visited different galleries and museums, Bencab Museum and Cordillera World and met circle of passionate artists in Tam-Awan Village.
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