PH & Beyond: Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City  Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Being reputed as one of the most haunted hotels in the world, Diplomat Hotel in Dominican Road was our first destination in Baguio City. Construction is going on when we went. There were workers coming go and out the building that we had some conversation with. According to them, they will be reconstructing the old hotel to turn it into a conference and wedding reception area.

They have also shared a brief history about the building. Year 1911 when the Dominicans established a huge vacation mansion in their 17-hectare property called Dominican Hill. During the World War II a bloody massacre happened when it was occupied by the refugees. The main structure was damaged. In 1973, Diplomat Hotel Inc bought the property and turned Dominical Hill as a 33-bedroom hotel. It was managed by a local faith healer who entertained patients from different parts of the world. When the faith healer died, the hotel was closed to the public. From time to time in the recent period, they claimed that they can hear unusual sounds on some idle afternoon. They are likewise not permitted to get inside the hotel at night to prevent creepy accidents that had occurred in the past years.

We never had any personal horror experience while we were there, but I took a lot pictures for details. Let me know if you see any paranormal thing going on on my photos, alright?

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