Want Need Wear Read - This Summer  Saturday, February 22, 2014

I’m tasked to plan our coming beach camp with my cousins for the first week of March. I’m pretty excited and want everything to be perfect because this would be their first time. Yeah, we have never gone camping on a beach back then because most of the time family outing is merely a regular entire day family outing with our parents. I had done and planed beach camping before, the most recent was last year with my friends and siblings for my birthday. It wasn’t perfect, but I gave them the best camping experience ever. That camping holds the record, well, that’s according to my friends. LOL This time I’d like to share the experience of how to live life to the fullest because you know, YOLO-ing. Haha.

WNWR Board is about what I imagine and anticipate for that day. Want a fire camp in the beach, Need a camping tent, Wear that boho hairstyle with flowers and Read How to be An Explorer of The World.

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