What I Gave up for Travel  Friday, March 14, 2014

I love traveling, who doesn’t like that? I’ve already been to 7 destinations in the span of 3 months this year and going to different places to chase adventure has no end in mind yet. I’m grateful for having lovely family relatives who travel a lot and tag me along, friends from different parts of the country who let me stay with them for a while but most of the time, I travel out the usually, mostly a DIY trip, never with a fancy tour package. I’d like to believe that I’m fairly good now at budgeting stuff when it comes to travel and visiting places.

I already mentioned that I’m living on my own. I’m paying my rent and bills out of my own pocket and emptying my bank account to afford the luxury of travel scares me to death. Recently, my parents wondered and asked me where I get all the funds I use, you must be wondering too. Well, mid of last year, I decided to give up some things that has been already part of my lifestyle and get savings out of it. I put myself on a spending ban and instead of spending money for this stuff, I use it to save funds for my future destinations. These are certainly based on my own experience and I hope works also for you.

Stop dining in a fast-food – Alter your eating habits. Carry healthy snacks and drinks with you or prepare your own cooked meal. I love Mcdonald’s a lot but when I tried to keep all the receipts I have for a week and add it up I realized that I was spending a lot for disgusting food. It surprised me how much money I’ve been spending. My Mcdonald’s expenses can be summed up for my transportation budget.  

Commute instead of riding a cab/bringing your car – Take public transportation instead. Ride the jeepney if you’re just be heading to a near place, it won’t take lots of your time. Just imagine the difference of a taxi fare to jeepney fare. Your commuting costs will decrease and the remaining funds from it can be used for your hotel/transient accommodations.

Budget your prepaid load expenses – Avail prepaid promo to save money or better, engage yourself in a texting deprivation exercise if you’ll simply be staying inside the comfort of your home. Anyway, you might have internet at home, make use of it if you need to communicate with anyone.

Refrain from shopping – It’s okay to shop but purchase what you really need. Don’t buy something you still have or something that you will just keep. Try not to window shop, you might end up buying something that is not necessary. Set in mind what you are saving for. Material things versus travel experience. Know your priorities and make sure not to spend beyond your means.

Cut off Starbucks expenses – Admit it, we spend a lot of money during Christmas Season just to get stickers and to be able to have their free planner. I’ve done that before and ended up feeling sorry for not able to use all the remaining pages. Stop writing plan, start making sense. I would rather read a book in a beach under the sun sipping fresh buko juice than consuming my time inside a coffee shop reading and sipping a coffee. I know we deserve an expensive coffee once in a while especially when we are feeling stressed from work or studies but try to keep the portion small. Treat yourself a tall size of coffee instead of a venti. Or perhaps find an alternative cozy cafe that serves cheaper but tasteful coffee.

Right now, I’m trying my best to live my life as a responsible adult and at the same time living it to the fullest. I wish my gypsy soul arouses yours to save up for something you really want even if it requires you to sacrifice some leisure you particularly don’t need in your lifestyle. Ultimately, you should set aside more of your travel savings than spending for leisure if you want to make a difference. Limit your indulgence and be anywhere with the fund you save up to feed your wanderlust. Life is meant to be lived.

Photo Credit to Nirrimi Firebrace
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