PH & Beyond: Halabang Baybay, Calaguas Islands, Vinzons, Camarines Norte  Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I usually prefer to go on an adventure on my own pace at my own time, but because Google has less information how to get to this island, how to go on a DIY trip, for the first time, my friends and I all agreed to join a tour package to get there. 

Unfortunately, we had a not-so-good service while in the island, but with the company of people I’ve known for quite a long time, all the hassle and stress along the way turned into a one memorable experience. This is not going to be a review about the tour package we availed so I had to stop now.

We traveled 9 long hours from Naga City to one of the Islands in Calaguas, Halabang Baybay. That includes all the bus and boat transfers. Halabang Baybay, Long beach in English was a pleasant surprise. It was such a paradise, with the ocean on one side of the island and a forest-like patch of green on the other.
We stayed overnight on its beautiful stretch of white sand with basic beach tent accommodation.

Everything is so photogenic so I had to take a lot of pictures.

 While I enjoyed the company of my camera, the homeboys enjoyed the company of Jose Cuervo.

 Glistening body of water is just steps away from the camp site.

 Fire dancing is also very popular in Calaguas.

Calaguas is a total sublime, an honest-to-goodness paradise totally unspoiled. It was majestic and no camera can capture how beautiful it really was.

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