PH & Beyond: Blanco Family Museum, Angono, Rizal  Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I do have a huge interest and appreciation for arts. That’s always in me ever since then. Every destination should have at least a gallery or art exhibit that I should visit. When I first heard that Angono is being called as the Arts Capital of the Philippines, I just told myself that I need to find out why and satisfy this curiosity within.

Blanco Family Museum was our first destination in Angono. It showcases the tremendous collection of beautiful paintings by the Blanco family who are all passionate about making wonderful masterpieces of arts. The paintings are arranged from the youngest son’s to the eldest son’s artworks. It was followed by their mother’s gallery which, according to our tour guide started painting at the age of 48 and was trained with her children by Sir Jose “Pitok” Blanco, the Filipino Master and Patriarch of the Blanco Family.

The museum is filled with more than hundreds of masterpieces portraying folk realism style. The different Filipino culture and tradition,  landscape, way of life in rural places and each other portraits are mostly their favorite subjects.

Each Blanco artist are just all good at reminding through their paintings as a medium the colorful yet simplicity of life way back then.

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