PH & Beyond: Lake Park, Angono, Rizal  Wednesday, July 30, 2014

I'm always reminded that before dying to see the farthest destination is at least find time to explore some nearby places. Angono is just an hour away from where I’m living. Although I’ve been already there for twice before, I never had the chance to explore the whole town.

I’ve been eagerly wanting to visit the said town for quite a while now however, due to work and other commitments, plan of revisiting it was always put on-hold. Today, with the assistance of my boss from my previous job who is a proud local of the municipality, I was able to explore the colorful Angono once more.

The Lake Park wasn’t our first destination, but it’s one of the most I have enjoyed. I could actually feel the cold air touching my skin while walking around the lake, and made me miss my own town. Locals call it Wawa or Lawa in Filipino language. It is part of the Laguna de bay, the largest lake in the Philippines and one of the primary sources of freshwater fish in the country.

Everything about the experience reminds me of living in the province, no traffic, can get around the town proper by just walking and most especially everyone seems to be relatives or friends. 

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