3 Online Quizzes to Fuel Your Wanderlust  Thursday, August 14, 2014

I am spending the remaining days of being unemployed answering Buzzfeed’s online quizzes. It is generally what’s keeping me company the past days. Although my internet habit has begun to become some sort of extender, to fill in the gaps of my life wherein I feel like I’m not doing anything, I find it so entertaining, mostly because I’m taking quizzes about travel. My dream of living in different places has not gone away.

Aside from going around every provinces and cities in the Philippines, I have this long-term goal to travel the world that I carry around with me. I used to keep that dream on silent mode and not to talk about that more often because I don’t have the monetary to do it for now yet. You see my bucket list, I don’t have that there. I keep that on my own for so long now until the Big Blog Exchange came and started.

I love changes more than permanence, that is why I travel often. I feel a profound need to go somewhere, to externally and internally find transformation and newness. I had that need since I moved out from home. My heart and mind are still battling if that is a good thing or a bad thing, but what is for sure is I am learning something about myself in every opportunity of going somewhere. Travel broadens my views on humanity, religious outlook and it helps me see the world differently.

Of course, like any other participant in the BigblogX, I hope and wish to be given a chance to roam at least the other part of the earth.

I would also like to take this chance to thank everyone who voted already. Thank you for trusting and believing in me. I hope you will continue to support and vote for me on this journey.
Anyway, along with the results I got from my own takes, here are the online quizzes for you guys that I wish would feed your interest to travel more.

  • WHERE IN THE NORTH SHOULD YOU ACTUALLY LIVE? I was a tad surprised to get Blackpool. It is actually somewhere I am not really familiar with. But that is something makes it more interesting to me. I like going to places I’ve never heard of, places that no one from people I know have been to.
  • WHICH SOUTH AMERICAN COUNTRY DO YOU ACTUALLY BELONG IN? I got Brazil for this quiz, with a description that I love to party and I know how to have a good time which I am not quite sure if that description defines me because I have actually no love for party. LOL Nevertheless. to set foot Brazil, is a hell yes!
  • WHERE SHOULD YOU SPEND A YEAR ABROAD? I got Paris! Who would say no? Almost every girl I know here on Tumblr hopes to visit Paris. Movies and books always portray it as one of the most romantic cities in the world, and who doesn’t like to visit it? Scenarios start playing in my head now: I am in Paris taking a stroll along the Rive Seine, munching French macaroons from Laduree, taking photos of the city, smelling the flowers and air, and exploring the Eiffel Tower. Such a great place to find inspiration.

How was the quizzes, guys? I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did. Share with me your results. I’d love to hear how’s that to you!
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