Bloggers & Places I Fell In Love With Because Of BigblogX  Monday, August 11, 2014

I’ve been reading through some blogs in the Big Blog Exchange Portal lots lately. I’ve caught up some interesting blogs that I personally believe worth to read and of course worth to support and vote on the Big Blog Exchange. If given a chance to make it on the BigblogX I would love to swap countries/blogs to any of these 3 amazing bloggers.

Samantha Hussey. She’s one of the bloggers I personally get in touch with ever since BBE started. She’s a travel blogger living in Prague, Czech Republic. Browsing her blog made me realized how pretty Prague is. It is indeed one of Europe’s most charming and beautiful cities.

Samantha is a passionate writer and photographer, and runs The Wandering Wanderluster.

Daniele Oliveira. Although her blog is written in her native language, her photographs are exceptional enough to fall in love more with Brazil.

I am always full of energy, which will come in handy in Carnival-crazy Brazil. It is one of the countries that is in the top five of my travel bucket list. One of my dreams has always been visiting Rio De Janeiro. Getting to ride on a helicopter to see the city from the top and take an aerial shot of Cristo Redentore would definitely be a dream come true.

Daniele Oliveira is behind Viagem Criativa that means creative journey. 

Brigid Prinsloo. I feel tha she is my kindred-spirit. We share the same interest like promoting our countries. She seems so in love with her homeland just like me and I can totally relate! Aside from that, she’s from Cape Town! And yes, Cape Town is on top of my travel list.

I remember this fancy online quiz: “What City Should You Actually Live In?” that I took way before. I got Cape Town with a description that I’m an avid adventurer and always looking for the most unconventional way to do things. I wasn’t convinced so I took the quiz the second time with my very best and sincere answers. I got Cape Town once more, and I was like, “Where the heck is that?” So I did a research and fell in love with it in an instant. South Africa is beautiful, I couldn’t say more.

Brigid Prinsloo runs the blog made with love about the three things she loves the most: Cape Town, Tech, Travel called called Becoming the B Boss.

I hope you guys can help me send to one of these places. Just visit my profile, click the vote for me button, then validate your vote via your email. Thank you.

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