My Personal Road Trip Essentials  Saturday, August 30, 2014

I always have this sudden rush of happiness runs through my blood stream when someone invites for a road trip, but at the same time I’m constantly reminded that it’s always smart to bring some essentials along to make the weekend on the road enjoyable and prepared. Here are some of my must bring items for a weekend of road trip.

1. I always keep a camera handy with extra lens to document the trip.
2. Instax camera because it’s light and easy to use.
3. I also bring extra battery pack for my DSLR and a powerbank, in case of running out of power supply.
4. A book to read during pull overs or rest stops.
5. A journal and pen to record the experience in writing.
6. Ipod with perfect playlist for everyone to listen.

Other essentials: Iphone with traffic and navigation app, earpods, extra clothes, toiletries, sunniest, hat, ziplocks, blankets, pillows, to-go food and refreshments.

7. And one last thing, bring the best buddies to sing a long with, to laugh with and can to turn an ordinary road trip to amazing adventure. Make sure they’re people you like and that you’ll continue to get along with.

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