Sunday Pleasure No 6  Thursday, January 16, 2014

One of the trends and best things about high school days in the 90’s is the cassette tape. I remember how I used to make mixtapes, I would call a radio station to request for songs and waited for it to be played. I would be pissed when the DJ would start speaking on air without waiting for the song to fade. There is just something special about selecting the songs you thought were good enough to be on the tape and thinking what song would go next.

Today I made one for Mel, not with the old school Sony 90 minute cassette tape but with a blank CD which is more available in stores. It is filled with songs we longed to be ours for years now as we marked the 7-year milestone of being together. We definitely grew up living and breathing cassette tapes. It will always have a special place in our heart.

On our first few months of being girlfriend/boyfriend, he had made me listen to his mix tape full of songs he thought I had never heard before. He was thinking aside from the music my band and I played I only listened to what’s on the radio, Paramore, Fall Out Boys, Panic at the disco and the like. His mix has tracks of STP, Live, Alice and Chains, Candlebox and Hole and Oasis, which mostly I have been listening to ever since I was 7 with the influence of my older cousins whom he shares the same age.

I used to make mix tapes for everyone I knew. I would carefully select each track, and even the order they were in always had meaning with doodles and stickers and writing all over on the packaging. I’m glad I made one today.

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