Travel Tips & Reminders  Thursday, August 21, 2014

  • Do research. With the availability of internet, try to learn in advance the destination you are going to. Read reviews about that certain place, check the weather condition. Read up on what to do and where to go. 
  • Leave your emotional baggage behind. Don’t go when your heart is heavy because uncomfortable trips aren’t fun. Drop what’s weighing you down and paining you. Disappointments and fear wont really help you appreciate the whole experience of traveling. Stop worrying about the future or doweling on the past, just focus on the present. 
  • Travel light. Don’t carry too much stuff around! Bring a backpack instead of a luggage. Wear the lightest and comfortable clothes. Make sure you know exactly the stuff that you'll bring. 
  • Go for ordinary public transport. It’s okay to get lost, it’s another way of getting to know a place and meeting different new people. 
  • Drop that fancy hotel. Travel for me is different from vacation. Go for the cheap yet nice transient, hostel or maybe a tent. 
  • Talk to the locals. They know the best places to get cheap and great food, the best experiences to try and the best places to stay. Be mindful of the other travelers. Follow rules like falling in line. Make conversation with fellow travelers and take advantage of the learning opportunity. 
  • Blend in. Learn to adapt to your surroundings and be more flexible. Act like a local, and stop being a whining tourist. Buy locally produced goods. Support local delicacies or handmade souvenirs. You’re there to explore and take advantage of everything you can try. At the same time it’s another way of helping locals to get income. 
  • Take snaps and don’t forget to live the moment. Taking pictures of famous landmarks is good if you’re making a documentary of your trip, but don’t be that annoying person running around, making sure they are capturing *everything*, instead of just living in the moment. In the first place, you travel to experience and not to take pictures.

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