Sunday Paper Co  Tuesday, August 5, 2014

I remember keeping a notebook when I was in grade school, it was some sort of a daily diary and it was pretty funny. I had the funniest of writing too, I would begin with Dear Diary and end it with Love, RV. When I’d skip a day, I would start my entry with an apology for abandoning it.
In HS, I would write anything on a notebook every morning and my entire day becomes very productive. I would write my observation about my surroundings, people, life in general. I would also dump my feelings onto its pages and my mind would be clear after writing it down.

My college diaries are mostly dead-serious, probably because I only wrote in them when I was sad, pissed off or miserable. When I entered the sophomore year, I got very busy with school works. I decided to keep my journal notebooks away because I thought it would help me to live more in the present moment and not dwell on its paper.
Just recently this week, I just revived my love for notebooks. Thanks to Sunday Paper Co! It is a paper goods brand that offers not only minimalist notebooks but other pretty stuff like clothespins that I personally love as they were perfect for my polaroid displays. Right now, I’m keeping my kraft notebook for some writing exercises. It is placed mostly in my favorite desk, in front of my computer and with the rest of the things that fill the other half of my heart. I plan to write lists on it, I love keeping lists of things I am grateful for, line in a song that strikes me, my plan for the day, and of course some helpful future drafts for the blog. The few pages at the back is already filled with scribbles and drawings which apparently I am very good at every time a new notebook and I meet.

I never thought that despite of my messy penmanship, I would still appreciate it after years of just typing in front of my computer. Having a physical record of anything that sort out my thoughts gives a very familiar comfort.

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