What I Love Most About the Philippines  Monday, August 4, 2014

Ever since Big Blog Exchange started, I’ve been getting unexpected followers from different countries letting me know that they find the Philippines interesting because of this blog and they want to know more about it.
One of the things I like about the Big Blog Exchange is meeting new people with different race along the competition. See, it’s a win-win, I may not able to make it to the exchange, I have found new friends online because of it at the same time I made my homeland a little bit proud of this blog.

If anyone of you haven’t voted yet for Chasing Adventures on the Big Blog Exchange I hope you guys can take a little time to help me get more votes for the competition. To those who have done voting, from the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Below are some of the things I personally love about the Philippines: 
  • Culture and Tradition. Fiesta in the Philippines has always been colorful. In the morning there are street parades that feels like a giant party. It makes everyone feel welcome to participate and join the fun while in the evening there is a colorful evening procession with hundreds of candles lit by devotees escorting the image of the patron around town.
  • Marvelous natural wonders like Rice Terraces, Chocolate Hills, Mayon Volcano, pristine beaches like Caramoan, Calaguas, Zambales, Boracay, Palawan to interesting historical landmarks like Intramuros, Shrine of Valor in Bataan and the Corregidor Island — there is no shortage of wonderful places to go and see in the Philippines.
  • Food like adobo, crispy pata, sisig, lechon, sweet spaghetti and my favorite purple yam-flavored ice cream. Filipino food may not be as famous as the neighboring countries, but with how creative the Filipinos are and with the abundance of seafoods and tropical fruits we can make simple dishes special.
  • Christmas. Because the Philippines is an overwhelmingly Christian nation, we celebrate Christmas not only a month long but for 4-month long. That means, Christmas carols on the radio stimulate the air the moment Ber-month starts. It is also the best time to come back home and spend the Christmas Eve over the Noche Buena with the family.
  • The Filipinos, for being hospitable, kind and happy people. I will never forget the sweet elderly vendor who let me stay for a night in her little home the first time I was in Tacloban and didn’t ask anything in exchange from me. Even if she has a little to offer, she offered it generously. Filipinos are just caring and ready to help. We can also make light of any devastating situation. We love to laugh and always smiling.
Although my country is known as a third world country, Philippines have proven its strength to the world as one nation every time calamities hit our islands. Despite the deaths, and tears brought by all this catastrophes most especially last year’s Typhoon Haiyan, the Philippines as one proves to still be of inspiration to the world. Filipinos strive to recover, stand strong, and continue their daily living. Filipino’s expressions of self are huge and just smile to the vibrant lifestyle of the world.

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