Quick Stop at Steveston Pizza, UP Town Center Mall  Monday, October 20, 2014

On search for a food place to eat almost midnight of Saturday with my cousin, Kuya Carl and his friends drove the road to Quezon City from Rodriguez, Rizal to satisfy our cravings for food. There we found Steveston, a Canadian pizza parlor housed in UP Town Center. We stuff ourselves with their best seller called Caveman, topped with pepperoni, bacon, lean beef and copocolli. It was our favorite! It has this very interesting taste, that you'll get curious while munching its slice. We also ordered the one in the photo above, it's their signature pizza called C1 Pizza topped with tiger prawns, crab meat, tomato and fennel salsa. It was so light and extremely juicy.


  1. The food looks soooo yummy! I'm envious!!


  2. It was! Thanks for dropping by, Cindy! :)

  3. Hi RV! I tagged you the writing process tag. http://bitsofjoyce.com/post/100982332517/virtual-blog-tour-my-writing-process

    Have fun answering :)

  4. I tried their blue cheese something pizza, the cheese was overwhelming. It was still good, nonetheless. Just wished we ordered another flavor. Hahaha. Umay overload e.


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