Cup & Spaces: Anthosia Cafe, Naga City   Friday, November 21, 2014

Aside from I love coffee because coffee doesn't ask silly questions, I drink coffee in a café/coffee shop only for experience. I love meeting new people by just eavesdropping and observing. 

While I was in Bicol, spending days and nights with my sister at the hospital, on some of my hospital breaks I would kill time in this café called Anthosia.

Anthosia Café is one of the newest cafés in Naga City, located along Panganiban Drive. This coffee shop is more like a haven for artists and pickers. If you're watching the TV show called "American Pickers" like I do, you'll get what I mean. Anything that fills the other half of my heart can be found in this place - books, vinyl records, analog cameras, artworks, good music and of course, coffee! Each item displayed has a history all its own!

I love the expression on everyone's face when they enter the cafe. It's an expression of sentimentality, nostalgia and the breathless look of a disarming flood of old memories. There is something very romantic about old things. There is so much symbolism that you can relate to just about everything in life. Apparently, the owner of the cafe who I got to speak with the very first time I was there, Sir Ariez is a vintage collector himself. He owns a huge collection of analogue cameras displayed inside while the rest of the vintage items were given and donated to the cafe. 

Apart from they are generally cheap, I love their wide selection of coffee. My favorite coffee blends are Cold Elsa or Cold Señorita. I don't normally like white spaghetti but their Hasta Pasta is to die for. Aside from coffee, they also serve baked goods and different tea flavors.

Anthosia Cafe easily falls in a spot on my list of favorite doors to enter in Naga City. I realized in most of my times I was inside, I have a tendency to fall in love all over again, with antiques, food and strangers very easily. I just have to take pictures, and rave, and sigh dreamily all around me.

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