Annelle's, Naga City  Monday, December 15, 2014

Annelle's might be my one of the prettiest diners in Naga. College friends, Hazel, Avril, Loloy and I had our very nice catching up there one time. The cozy, laid-back and very romantic atmosphere makes it a perfect neighborhood place to have great time with long-time no-see friends who also desire for romance and nostalgia. The food is a mix of French and Italian while the interior is inspired by Marie Anthonette's bedroom, yes the Queen of France with floral wallpapers and vintage teacups around.

My fascination with anything related to Marie Antoinette, began in my mid-high school years, when I started to indulge myself to her life through movies and books, so coming to this place with dear friends is a very lovely experience.

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