PH & Beyond: Atok, Benguet in Photos  Wednesday, March 18, 2015

“Somewhere between the bottom of the climb and the summit is the answer to the mystery why we climb.”

I always love the mountains. My grandparent's house are behind mountain hills back home and where we used to live when we were little. I remember, my friends and I would climb the hardest trail and pretend we were mountain climbers back then, and every after, we would go swimming in the nearby creek pretending we were characters from the local TV afternoon carton, Heidi. Every morning, I would also visit its top  just to watch the horizon. My grandfather would take his cattle to the hillside every afternoon to feed them with grasses. This makes me miss living the provincial life. Behind its simplicity, I had the best anecdotes about my relationship with nature, with mountains in particular. All these memories were revived when we went to Atok, Benguet last year.

Atok is the highest municipality in the country and I bet the coldest. The highest point in the Philippine Highway System with 7,400 ft above sea level is also located there. I cried a lot out of happiness when we stopped by in one of the barangays in Atok just to see the magical beautiful mountains of Benguet. I found myself in a moment of solitude, forgot the entire world around me and realized how important the small moments in life are. Nature is gentle and I would say I became such an optimistic person because of it.


  1. I've come to appreciate mountains more just recently because of our treks. The activity is pretty exhausting, but the view on top is always worth it. Beautiful photos there, RV! :)

  2. I honestly haven't been to a real trek but it is something I look forward to this year. Thanks for dropping by Mikyu! Your Mt Pulag photos were great too! :)


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