PH and Beyond: One Weekend in San Juan  Saturday, April 25, 2015

At a very young age of 4 or 5 maybe, I have experienced the worst of the sea. I almost died from drowning in a public beach in Bicol but instead of crying while trying to brave the waves crashing on my face, I looked up at the sky and saw mountains, waterfalls, music festivals, art exhibits, pressed flowers and handwritten letters. I heard beautiful music strumming in my ears. The last time I remember, before I totally black out while screaming for help, there was a wave that lets me in with comfort. It was like an embrace of nature that I will never forget.

From the moment I opened my eyes, I knew I wouldn't die in the water, and I knew I was meant to live this life and no near death experience can stop me from exploring, and from learning, be it in the ocean or in the mountains. And instead of hating the sea for almost eating me alive, I love it because it simplifies life, and most of all it gives tranquility to the spirit.

Everything is making sense now. I am still alive to discover places in a way they have never been discovered.

San Juan being so laid back and peaceful, made me realize that happiness isn’t about having more, instead it is about being content, like sunset on the beach, salty air, conversations with strangers, sleeping on the sand and the most steady kind of happiness that we can perceive by chance on the most ordinary Sunday afternoon with the company of outgoing yet creative people who on the same hand helped me to become more in touch with my senses, people who assist me nourish my sense of life. As what the great Christopher McCandless once said, happiness is only real when shared.


  1. I am in love with your blog. <3 You write so well and your travel photos inspire me to travel too! I've been scrolling through your blog for the past hour now. Not even ashamed haha

    cindarellasecrets | lifestyle blog

  2. rvbadillapanamboMay 18, 2015 at 4:46 PM

    Hi Chrizzia, I don't normally get compliments about my writing so this one is a day maker. Thank you! :)


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