Sunday Pleasure No 12  Saturday, May 9, 2015

I struggle with my body image everyday, teenage insecurity never ends maybe. So to feel good about myself, I began working out at home, started a strict diet and read articles that will boost my self-esteem. I also came across a recipe online that helps burn belly fats, ideal for healthy digestion and at the same time will beat the heat of summer. I decided to give it a try because it looked refreshing and healthy.

3 glasses of water
1 medium-sized fresh cucumber, peeled and cut into thin pieces
2 medium-sized lemon
1 cup of honey

Mix the indicated ingredients with water. Leave the mixture during the night so that the ingredients can discharge their aromas, so consume it during the following day. Whenever you’re thirsty, just have this drink. At least for 4 days, prepare fresh water every day and you won’t miss the result.


  1. Been dealing body issues too. I've gained a lot of weight and it's frustrating :(

    I'll try this recipe. Thanks, rv! :)

    -Joyce |

  2. No problem Joyce! Let's cross our fingers that this will work. :)

  3. I will definitely try this one RV!

    P.S. Do you change the fruits everyday?

  4. No waay! I don't think you need this, Aia! You're skinny already!

    Anyway, I drink 1 pitcher everyday and make a new one every other day. :)

  5. Saw this a while ago but never tried it. Does it work???

    Helga |

  6. I think it does! I can feel that it boosts my metabolism after few weeks of regular drinking.


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