Instagram Favorites / No 2  Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Yesterday, I woke up with waves of people pouring into my Instagram accountI am yet again featured as one of the suggested users of Instagram. This is the second time that this amazing community bestowed this privilege and high honor upon me. I couldn't be any deeply grateful for the recognition as it really motivates me to do more with my photography.

And because I got suggested alongside a bunch of other talented and creative people, let me leave you 9 of their curated feeds that I enjoy browsing on.

_pommegranate | cay_mae | beebeechai | betsifolk | jasminwong coffeeismymust katntjodianne_  | popbyts


  1. I didn't know these accounts. Their pictures are so pretty! Thanks for mentioning them to us

  2. Congrats on being featured on IG! You take really wonderful photos. Now I feel like I should also exert extra effort on my account, joke! :)

    Love your suggested users, I find myself following all of them. Hehe!


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