PH & Beyond: Baler  Saturday, June 6, 2015

When you decide to go to Baler, you are meant to go surfing, at least worked for me and the boyfriend the first time we went to this quaint town.

On the day of my birthday, Mel surprisingly invited me to go to Baler with him the following day. I think it was his way of greeting me, "Happy birthday, let's go somewhere, where we can go surfing on your special day!" The next day, the two of us were already on the bus with my sister, Drey on the way up north.

Mel and I are the most spontaneous couple you'll meet. We both agree that unplanned adventures are the greatest! I wish I can creatively explain how liberating the feeling is of going away, running away with nothing but our sense of adventure.

Spending birthday outdoors especially at the beach, tossing our bodies through harsh waves and beaten sand is like turning a year younger. You are reminded to live young. You are careless, like a kid with scrapped knees still playing under the sun, it’s like always the first time swimming in the ocean each time.

It's so easy to fall in love with Baler and although it is always associated with surfing, I found a lot of other reasons to love this town. There is this long stretch of dining places along Sabang Beach, breath-taking destinations, beautiful rock formations, buffet restaurant for only 200php per head, friendly neighborhood and flocks of surfers in the water.

For lack of better words about this trip, let me leave you with photos of this lovely capital of Aurora instead.

Surf lessons are everywhere.

Mel teaching my sister how to surf

Drey's first ride

Spectacular rock formations of Diguisit Bay

The view of pacific ocean from Ermita Hill

Freshly squeezed juice from Surf and Chill

Baler Surfer Grill, one of the dining options along Sabang Beach. They serve a really good grilled dishes with reasonable prices. Bulalo BBQ is a must try!

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