Ph & Beyond: Balete Park, Maria Aurora  Monday, June 22, 2015

Perhaps the best way to end our Aurora trip is to visit the very known Balete Park in the town of Maria Aurora. It is reported as the oldest and the largest Balete tree in Asia and in the Philippines, Balete tree is often associated as homes of supernatural creatures.

I love supernatural stories and I don't think I can end our tour without taking advantage of climbing this gigantic tree like children. The passage between the trees' twisted roots allowed us to get inside its hollow interior and played hide and seek.

Apparently, there is really nothing creepy about this kind of tree. In fact, they are beautiful and a really nice attraction. The roots are very beneficial in soil erosion control too. And since this tree lived for hundreds of years, it has been a mute witness to the unfolding of the Philippine’ rich history.

Even though I believe in supernaturals, staring at this tree makes me think how it survived that long enough to awe us with their beauty.

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