PH & Beyond: Mother Falls, San Luis  Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Before leaving Baler, we made sure to explore the nearby towns. One of it is San Luis, a town that’s tremendously easy to fall in love with where Ditumabo Falls or known as Mother Falls is located. I've heard loads about how the water is bitingly cold, but had no idea what it felt like swimming in there to be honest.

Almost instantly after the tricycle ride from the town Baler, we were surrounded by lush green mountains. Set in the middle of rain forest, lies the Ditumabo and a jam-packed of tourist! The view that awaits at the end of this steep trail is spectacular though.

It's one of the places I have been to where there's nothing more to do than breath, break out in astonishment and joy facing the indescribable powerful force of nature.


  1. We've been to a couple of falls recently, and I love the refreshing feeling it gives after a dip! :)

  2. We went here as well! Super ganda! Although during the summer, the tourists can sometimes be too much hehe :D


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