PH & Beyond: Santa Ana, Cagayan - Palaui Island Part 2  Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Day 2 of our Palaui trip was greeted by a beautiful sunny morning and this time in a quiet beach called, Anguib Beach. This is where we settled and stayed overnight when we arrived sunset of day 1 from Cape Engaño. It's a charming beach with minimal decorations of nature like pine trees, old cottages, fine golden sand and a clear and calm water. I love how this beach is not equipped with modern comforts and I love how this is not commercialized. Being remote makes this beach a paradise to live in.

There were no other visitors that day so we had the beach all for ourselves. We spent the whole day swimming, eating, taking a  lot of photos, and looking over the scenery while in a deep reflection by just watching the tranquility of the sea.

Below is the beautiful sunset at Anguib beach. 

Your glory fills the skies Your mighty works displayed for all to see.


  1. You have a very lovely blog! I love your photos!

  2. Thank you, Shayne! Your photos are so nice too. :)

  3. what camera are you using? photos are great!


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