Some Rainy Day Wishlist and Other Stuff  Monday, July 13, 2015

The rainy season is officially here, which means spending long days lying on my bed and enjoying indoor. Here is some of the stuff that I have been thinking about lately after days of doing some window shopping over the internet. These aren't all rainy day must haves, but I couldn't help it include them on this board.

The Girl On the Train I'm eyeing this book for quite some time now. It's about a commuter who takes the train every morning and then one day she sees something shocking.

Utility Jacket - One of the rainy season essentials that will protect my clothes from getting wet without being out of style.

Scented Candles - Of course to fill my pad with yummy scent! It's a good supply too in case of brownouts.

Record Player - I have few vinyls on hand but doesn't have a player.  How about a rainy afternoon listening to my slightly scratched Stevie Wonder vinyl? What a very nostalgic music to keep me company while home alone, right.

Enamel Map Mug - My very first cup as a child! I remember my grandfather would tell us how this kind of mug makes his morning coffee taste really good.

Comforter - Fresh comforter to comfort my soul while the rain is pouring. 

What’s on your rainy day wishlist?


  1. I did not know we can comment! LOL! I too, have been eyeing on The Girl on the Train. Did you read it already?

    1. Still haven't read The Girl on the Train but someone has promised me to get a copy of it. :)


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