Sunday Pleasure No 13  Sunday, August 23, 2015

The ton of rain these last couple of days, which is quite typical for this month in this country convinced me to just stay at home this Sunday instead of going out to meet Mel that I normally do on weekends. It wasn't a bad decision though because for some reason, the rain gets me sleepy. It is a great way to relax my mind and a perfect way to replace a week of lost sleep.

Today, I sprayed a light lavender mist on my sheets, wrapped myself up in my softest blanket and had a 3 hours straight of an afternoon nap in a warm and cozy nest of mine. It was so wonderful sleeping under the sound of the rain. There's nothing quite like the smell of fresh fallen rain, right?

Taking a nap for me is a good source of imaginative solutions. It is on the same hand part of my way to lessen anxiety. Whenever I lay down and close my eyes, I would picture anything beautiful and slowly breath.

I woke up almost 4 PM and played my favorite music. I had a glass of water and began singing along to my favorite songs. There is nothing really like staying at home for real comfort.

What about you, how did your Sunday go? :)

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