Cup & Spaces: Uke Box Caffé  Sunday, October 25, 2015

Coming to this ukulele's haven was a happy accident. And so far, all of my misadventures are always turning out one for the road. Uke Box Caffe is not a typical coffee shop that serves coffee, it's a Ukelele themed cafe that sell Huni-branded ukuleles too. They host lessons and workshops for beginners, and a regular live acoustic music performances on weekends.

Upon entering the quaint, brightly lit coffee shop, we were greeted by the Hawaiian vibe with surf boards, totem poles and an overwhelming array of ukuleles in all shapes, sizes and colors. The shop is bright, and well-lit with customized lightings in mason jars that make the ukuleles really stand out.

Uke Box Caffé serves a different variety of food and drinks as well. I ordered the Hawaiian style comfort food called Hawaiian Spam Sandwich with pineapple, onion, barbeque and of course slices of spam. I had a cup of Caramel Macchiato while my friends had the Iced Latte and Iced mocha.

They were also pastries, different house blend tea and chocolate, iced beverages blended drinks like Passion Fruit Iced Tea, gelato and local brews from Sagada, Mt. Atok, Mt. Kitanglad and Mt. Matutum.

Uke Box Caffé is a great place to sit. It gives me great pleasure to see friends singing along while one is playing the ukulele, watching strangers walk out the door of the café with a big grin of eager as they hold their brand new ukes. This coffee haven is indeed a little bundle of joy that will guarantee simple yet pure happiness! I went home with a tuneful strums in my heart.

Have you been to Uke Box Caffé too? Share your experience at the comment section.


  1. I haven't been there but I can tell that the local brew from Sagada will be awesome since I couldn't get enough of it when I visited. I'm also familiar with the Hawaiian Spam Sandwich! My friends who's a local in Hawaii often refers to it as Spam Musubi. :)

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

    1. I haven't tried the brew from Sagada, but I am sure it taste great! Hawaiian Spam is really good, not the typical burger slash sandwich. I love the pineapple a lot. :)

  2. Delicious looking foods there. I have not tried those and not even aware of such place considering that I am from the Cordillera.


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