Sunday Pleasure No 15 - A Year Ender Post  Sunday, December 27, 2015

Happy Holidays, everyone! I'm spending the rest of December mornings listening to soft Christmas music in my studio typed-pad, in flannel pajama pants or distressed pair of socks and drinking hot chocolate until the 30th which is my homecoming to celebrate and welcome 2016 with my family and relatives in Cam Sur.

Lately, I found myself in deep reflection, which is  very timely in this time of the year. I found the time to make a list of things I'm thankful and blessed for 2015 which always makes me feel like a Miss Universe winner. (lol) But no, on a serious note I love to remember, to celebrate the highlights of my life and most especially to realize how far I have come and become. It’s always good to look back, that good things happen often times than we think of it.

Going through this blog has made me realize that I was able to keep a great track of all the wonderful things that happened to me this year. So going back to the list I mentioned above, this post is an attempt to go over some of the highlights of my 2015 and also to share things I am thankful for.

1. We organized and performed 2 outreach programs this year. One was in Gasan, Marinduque, a back to school outreach program and recently a Christmas gift-giving in Botolan, Zambales. They were beautiful moments of humility and giving back.

2. I was invited to talk in an event about my passion as a photographer. Normally, I would sit down with someone over coffee to simply share tips and thoughts about my journey as a picture taker not until I was invited to share my thoughts and experiences as picture taker/instagrammer in the first BIGFEST: Bicol Instagram Festival 2015. It was a whole lot different experience for someone so introvert like me but I really had so much fun. Thanks to Bicol Bloggers for inviting me and I hope everyone learned something from the event.

3. Got featured on Instagram again. The amazing community of Instagram once again included me on their suggested user list. It was the second time that they bestowed the extremely high honor upon me.

4. My grandparent's good healthMy dearest Nanay who is 94 years old and Tatay, 90 years old mean the world to me and they have been always one of the reasons why I would love to come home. I'm thankful for the cheer and inspiration they bring to our home.

5. New set of diverse people to travel with. My trip to Palaui was with colleagues I met from work who are all travel enthusiasts like me. It thought it's different travelling with people you just met recently but our trip turned out to be so much fun.

6. I did quite a lot of freelance. One of my closest friends is getting married next year and I had the honor to design her wedding invitation. Apart from that, I had the chance to shoot one of the collections of an online shop called Exztra Plus. I designed and helped websites and collaborated with some of the local brands. It's always amazing meeting dedicated people, so full of heart, working towards a common goal.

7. The successful brain operation of my sister. Last 2014 was a tough year for our family. I mentioned in a blog post that my sister had an accident and suffered a Severe Traumatic Brain Injury. Her head was badly injured and had her skull broken. Although she had her first surgery the same month that it happened, she had her final brain operation last July 2015. They placed a titanium plate over the hole in her skull, which will use as her own skull bone. The operation went successful and right now, she's working on bringing her strength and self-confidence back. God is indeed good.

8. I have awesome friends in 2 different countries having the time of their lives. Wonderful people who never fails to remember me especially when they travel. One is in Norway the other one is in New Zealand. They would send me messages of their pictures and wishing I was with them.

9. This year I got to travel Palauig, Botolan, Taal, Tuguegarao, Santa Ana, Maria Aurora, San Luis, Baler, Gasan, San Juan, Ocampo. It may not be the most traveled year for me but I'm thankful I was able to insert travelling into my busy work schedule.

10. Old and new people in my life. Family, relatives, old and new friends.

2015 was a year of answers to my everyday hopes and prayers. It made me realize that better days are always ahead, and that we should stick around for them. In this coming new year, I will continue to create more dreams, build more bridges and keep on fighting to whatever I am holding on to. I look forward to 2016 hoping that it will be as amazing as the last. May it be a year of renewal, healing, joy and success not only for me but for everyone! Let us live to the fullest and be a better person. I wish you a happier and blessed year ahead. Happy New Year!  2016 is making my heart beats fast with excitement already. :)


  1. Your IG feed is all sorts of lovely. No wonder you have that amount of followers! Happy New year, RV! Wishing you all the best in 2016! :)

    Ochi | Ochi In The City

    1. Thanks Ochi! I appreciate it. Happy New Year! :D

  2. Happy new year, RV! Your 2015 was a blast! :)

    1. I'm pretty sure your 2015 was a blast too! Happy new year, Eva! I miss you. :)


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