PH & Beyond: Taal, Batangas  Wednesday, February 24, 2016

I was fond of the subject Sibika at Kultura when I was in grade school and one of those people who fell in love with our Philippine history once again after watching the period film, Heneral Luna, so in the midst of humid November, Mel and I decided to go on a trip that will take us back in time. The last thing we knew we were headed now to the heritage town in Taal, Batangas.

Galleria Taal has been featured several times on TV for the fair reason that they are the only vintage camera museum in the country. Coming to this photography haven felt like I made it inside a time machine!

Art shops are everywhere in this quaint town as well.

There were old houses too! Doña Marcela Agoncillo Museum is the most famous colonial house in Taal but for some reasons they were closed when we went. So we decided to find an option, after all we went to explore ancestral houses with our own selves. There were a lot of houses preserved and are open to visitors, one of them is this old house with a very attractive flooring which apparently I forgot the name.

Hailed as the biggest and oldest church in Asia, Basilica de Martin de Tours is an exceptionally intact and well-preserved architecture. They manage to successfully maintained its authenticity through the years. It's definitely one of the most beautiful churches I have ever seen.

I don't think I will only remember Taal as an old quaint town famous for the balisongs, this town will hold as one of the testaments of our country's glorious and historic past.

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