The Quaint Town of Daet  Tuesday, May 16, 2017

For few days I was a third wheel to my brother and his best friend. I'm a third wheel / picture taker for hire by the way. When I had this styling project in Cafe Plazuela of Avenue Plaza Hotel and my Styling Workshop at Cafe 91, both in Naga City, these two volunteered to be my PAs. They helped me with all my runarounds that include carrying my stuff and setting them up, dealing with all my crazy ideas of doing this and that and coming with me to this spontaneous beach trip in Daet.

Bagasbas Beach is one of my favorite beaches. I have quite a lot of favorite beaches huh. It's near the city yet so quiet and non commercialized compared to La Union. But don't get me wrong, I so love LU and all its commercial establishments. Bagasbas offers a different vibe - laid back, serene and charming. And to me that makes it special.

We agreed to extend another day to go surfing the next morning, so we stayed in this transient along Bagasbas Road that cost us 1000 pesos only for an air-conditioned room good for us 3. It was a room ideal for backpackers. I forgot the name of the place, but it's the one beside Kick Milk Tea & Coffee.

Kick Milk Tea & Coffee is the newest establishment along Bagasbas Road. They offer not just milk tea, but also savory sandwiches, belgian waffle and coffee. The price is also affordable. Their milk tea isn't bad at all, I actually liked it, to be honest, but what I noticed more is the packaging. It's cute and very refreshing to the mind.

We were having our merienda when we realized that it was already sunset. For a few brief moments, the sky is in a deep hue of violet and pink. Watching the sun setting across the world is just as awe-inspiring experience. The light illuminates the entire beach in a gorgeous spectrum of warm hues. It was beautiful.

The following morning, I had to wake up the boys to catch the sunrise. I mentioned this a lot of times but I'm actually a sunrise person and it's mandatory to always get up early especially whenever I am in the beach.

We went walking on the beach while watching the sunrise. Before the sun dominates the horizon, there were grey skies that started to host the light splashes of color. The streaks of pink, orange and yellow paint the sky so beautiful.

Walking through the long brown stretch of Bagasbas Beach, you come to appreciate the quality of beauty, gracefulness and deep yet happy feeling within. It feels  so good to breathe in and out deeply the morning fresh air. 

At the far end of Bagasbas Road was the old airport runway where some paragliding pilots offers paragliding and paramotoring around Bagasbas Beach. The girl they were with told me that it cost 3000 pesos to experience it. We decided to just stay on the side and watch the experts do their stunts. I can totally imagine how amazing it would be flying in the air so I promised myself to try it next time.

The two boys I was with were excited to go surfing so we went back to the beach. From a far, I watched them catch their waves. It wasn't easy that day, series of waves were coming in every split of the second. I can tell they were having so much fun though. I was satisfied sitting and taking picture on the beach for hours. I was content simply being stoked on their stoke.

I mentioned in an instagram post how much I encourage my brother to try surfing. Nowadays, teenagers are very reckless. I don't say it's a bad thing, I was reckless in my younger years too. One of my reasons why I wanted him to try it is because surfing personally taught me one lesson in life that sometimes I ignore, the value of being focus and being patient. To be out on the water, waiting for waves in the middle of the sea, creates a sense of focus and patience. Out in the ocean, your only focus is the moment.


  1. Beautiful photographs as usual, sunchild! <3

  2. San po yung Daet ate? ang ganda ng dagat po

  3. Your photos, lovely as always. I remembered my room mate from college all of a sudden. She lives in Daet! :)

    1. I didn't know you guys are still reading this blog! Thank you :)


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