General Nakar + A Montage of the Back to School Outreach   Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I ditched our trip to Palawan for this outreach project and apparently it was the best decision ever! Lesson learned though, to never give the chance to give back a second thought. It will leave you the sense of purpose and a lot of deep thoughts. 

Camp Apo Kabyawan is how Kuya Ryan called this specific beach side of Sitio Masla. He was our contact person or coordinator for this year's back to school program. He told us that he named this camp site after his folklore hero, who was a dumagat siaman that controls the storm and waves way back.  

Behind the bushes is the pathway going to the campsite. On the way you will see a selection of wild flowers among the grasses that color the landscape.

Apart from the beach, locals would go swimming in the river. Some would drink in there also! It was clear and not polluted though. My friends and I went swimming the afternoon after our program.

The next morning, our outdoor club went hiking to see Depalyon Waterfalls. Kuya Ryan and some locals assisted and went with us. It wasn't an easy trek though, took as an hour to reach the falls. The local community in this sitio was one of the kindness people I have met. Because there is no restrooms available, they would let us use there toilets. They also helped us prepare food for us. I think apart from the outreach what I love most about going to remote places like Sitio Masla is the bayanihan spirit of everyone.

Here's the video montage of General Nakar in Quezon Province as post-outreach trip of the org:

While here is the montages of how the outreach all went:

My participation with our club has always been nothing but a life changing experience. Each outreach programs, each communities we visit give me a new sense of perspective and life lessons. I have seen firsthand how a small amount of help can change lives and how humanity shines brighter amidst everyday problems.

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